Bring on the Stairs.

Remember how I said I had issues with the 14 stairs in my house. I live in Hamilton Ontario, cost There are several sets of stairs that go up the mountain here, and we happen to have a set very close to our house, My Partner and I decided to give them a try only the...

Life long annoynace

My partner just told me he no longer has the tension and pain he has had in his neck and shoulders for as long as he can remember. (The really good news on that is I don’t have to listen to him complain about it   LOL)

Stairs do I have too?

Last year I was starting to think I would have to sell my house as I was having issues going up the stairs. My knees did not like them at all. I kept thinking the usual things, If I exercise and lose weight it wont be a problem. On Saturday I was getting ready to go...


Today, no rx I leapt out of bed for the first time in years. Pain free and limber – yahoo -yippee. Absolutely amazing. Wow!